Rick Mears Thanks – Book

Rick Mears Thanks – Book


Mears is recognized as one of the fairest, most ethical drivers in the history of the sport. Rick’s behavior on the track was impeccable, the standard by which all others were judged. “He was very polished,” Andretti adds. “He was probably one of the most correct drivers out there to race against. I always had the greatest respect for Rick Mears.”


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The journey through Rick’s biography will help you understand how Rick’s honesty, open-ness and remarkable lack of ego made him the most perfect teammate and sportsman motor racing has ever seen. In today’s often discolored world of sport Rick Mears’s way of racing, working and living is a fine lesson for all of us.

With a personal history anything but bland, his elegant style of dress, appeal to attractive women, signature winning smile, and willingness go toe to toe with industry giants such as Henry Ford II (“The Deuce”) and other top executives, Walker made himself a key figure in the highly competitive environment of mid-20th Century automotive design.

His story is a must for any automotive enthusiast looking for an inside view of how the stylistic character of Ford products was created by Walker and his associates.