Shifting Perspectives – Book By. Anthony Schmidt

Shifting Perspectives – Book By. Anthony Schmidt


Shifting Perspectives is the second in a Limited Edition series from a very talented young photographer, Anthony Schmidt. The first Book Small Cars, Big Inspiration From Anthony Schmidt is in it’s second printing.

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These beautiful, Limited Edition, hard cover books are filled with amazing photos of diecast models in real life settings. Anthony’s talent and “eye” for composition in his photos make it very difficult to tell if you are looking at a model or the real cars.

Anthony is 13 years old. While he faces challenges related to autism, real talent has emerged. His love of cars led to a passion for collecting, and later photographing, model cars to make them appear realistic and life-size. His photographs are often visually stunning, composed to tell rich stories, and aim to transport the viewer to an alternate time and place.

Shifting Perspectives picks up where Small Cars, Big Inspiration leaves off. The book is full of stunning color photos and shows how Anthony’s work shifts perspectives on multiple levels, from delighting viewers with carefully composed scenes featuring miniature cars to demonstrating how people are much more than they appear on the surface.