Rodder’s Journal #80


Over 160 pages, TRJ is proudly printed in the U.S.A. It’s a must-have for any die-hard hot rod and custom car enthusiast.


On the newsstand cover, we showcase the restored Eddie Dye roadster basking in a pool of light outside a Northern California service station. For subscribers, we have an up-close-and-personal studio shot of the Buick nailhead in Don Prieto’s tribute to Tommy Ivo’s first dragster.

Inside, the new issue is filled with a carefully curated blend of traditional rods, customs and other unforgettable features. From a cross-country trip in a souped-up Model T to a custom ’47 Cadillac convertible built from a forgotten four-door, we cover every end of the traditional spectrum. On top of that, we look at ’50s hot rodding in New Hampshire, Tom Fritz’s new art and a W-motor equipped Deuce highboy.