The story of Mercedes-Benz in motor sport – Book

The story of Mercedes-Benz in motor sport – Book


The history of Mercedes racing in motorsport

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Lewis Hamilton’s record-breaking achievements in F1 are the latest successes in a glorious motor sport record for Mercedes and Benz that stretches back to the very first races in the 1890s.

Silver Arrows celebrates the achievements of Mercedes and Benz in motor sport, from the very earliest days to the record-breaking success of Lewis Hamilton in F1. It covers every major era and form of motor sport including:The pioneers of motor sport and the ‘White Elephant’ SSK
The massively powerful 1930s Grand Prix cars
Le Mans, sports and F1 cars of the 1950s
Rally cars from the 1950s to the 1970s
Touring car racing and the DTM
The  Mercedes return to racing in Group C sports cars
F1 engines and the Mercedes Grand Prix team
Formula E and the future of Mercedes in motor sport