Mustang Hub Magazine #5 Summer 2021

Mustang Hub Magazine #5 Summer 2021


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Welcome to Mustang Hub Magazine, an all-new quarterly print publication dedicated to late-model Mustangs. The origin of Mustang Hub actually dates back to 2017, when three hot rodders (Stephen Kim, Robert McGaffin and Rodney Hutcherson) with bigger ambitions than bank accounts teamed up to launch Wheel Hub Magazine. It was truly a concept that defied convention, with massive 20-plus page feature articles and commercial-quality photography printed on premium 9×11-inch paper stock. Despite the odds and the stiff competition, Wheel Hub has carved out a tremendously loyal following that grows steadily by the day. People don’t just like Wheel Hub. They love it.

It was only a matter of time until the same core tenets that made Wheel Hub so successful were applied to a different segment of the industry. Enter Mustang Hub Magazine. As demonstrated by the explosive growth of the late-model Mustang scene in the late-’80s and through the ‘90, which paralleled the birth of legendary periodicals like Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords, the Mustang aftermarket and the publishing industry dedicated to covering it will always be closely intertwined.

Mustang Hub is committed to continuing that tradition through hard-hitting technical articles, parts installs, dyno tests and feature articles showcasing the latest hardware that the aftermarket has to offer. Like Wheel Hub, Mustang Hub is a privateer venture completely independent of any other publishing entity. Short-sighted corporate edicts, lackadaisical corporate complacency and toxic corporate culture simple don’t exist. Never will a corporate hack, who knows nothing about the intense craftsmanship and passion that goes into creating great content, have any say in what goes into the pages of Mustang Hub. That decision will be made by Mustang lovers just like you.

The premiere issue of Mustang Hub launches in June 2020. Please join us on this journey. We appreciate your support.