“Lane Motor Museum: A Hobby Gone Wild”


The Lane Motor Museum collects and displays an unparalleled variety of unique, unusual, and sometimes one-of-a-kind automobiles, as well as motorcycles, bicycles, military vehicles, and even a propeller-driven canoe. This book gives visitors to the museum a keepsake of this wonderland of wheels to take home with them. For those who have yet to visit, the book is a peek into what is truly a special collection of automotive oddities. As former Tonight Show host and automotive enthusiast Jay Leno states in his foreword, “It’s truly a new world. I promise that there will be something here that you have never heard of… that’s why the Lane Motor Museum is such an experience.” This volume showcases some 50 vehicles from the museum’s collection. Each vehicle’s history is chronicled by noted automotive historian Ken Gross, including context about the innovators and companies who brought these creations to life. Captivating studio-style photography by Peter Harholdt grants each vehicle a proper visual display. For the enthusiast who appreciates the rare and unusual in the transportation world, this book absolutely should not be missed.

Hardcover, 146 pages, 200+ photos


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