Automobilsport Issue #26


In Issue #26 you will find:

Cover story
Mirage sports car racing 1967–1982

From the Ford GT40 to the Mirage – 1967 and 1969: J. W. Automotive Engineering – M1 to the M5
Winning at La Sarthe – 1972–1975: Mirage M6, Gulf GR7 and GR8
From Arizona to Le Mans – 1976–1979: Mirage M8, M9, M10
A final attempt in Group C – 1982: Mirage M12
Also in this issue…

Eckhard Schimpf about the old Formula III
Tony Adriaensens about Pomona 1957
Udo Schütz & Herbert Linge about the Porsche 906 LH
Jo Ramirez about his time with Tyrrell
Norbert Singer about the Porsche Indycar project
Marc Surer about the Jänner Rally 1984
Back on Track – DTM/ITC Opel Calibra V6 4×4 class 1
and many more!
The magazine contains a large-sized fold out poster of the cover story including illustrations and technical data of the Mirage M6 on the back.

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