1/18 1972 Citroen DS PLR by Norev


The Citroen “Mille Pattes” or “Centipede” was created in 1972 on the basis of a Citroen DS based on the designs by designer Flaminio Bertoni, the creator of the 2CV.

The abbreviation “PLR” of the Citroen DS PLR Break Michelin means “Poids Lourd Rapide”, which means a fast truck. It was used to test the driving properties of truck tires at high speeds. In the middle, behind the doors, a huge truck tire with a crane construction could be lowered onto the road and race across the asphalt. If the tire burst, nothing happened, because the other ten tires of the five-axle DS ensured perfect traction.

Its maximum speed is 180 kilometers per hour, implemented with two V8s from the Corvette, each with 425 hp and 7.4 liters of displacement. The prototype of this diecast model measures 7.20 meters in length (with more than 9 tons of weight).

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